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We outsource most of our one-to-one customized printing requirements to Embassy Digital.

As one of the largest human resources outsourcing providers we have a need for custom and personalized employee compensation and benefit statements. Each statement is different and contains information and pie charts in full color that is recipient dependant.

Embassy provides us with a dependable solution from file to fulfillment. It is critical that the data and fulfillment is handled perfectly. It is critical that one person does not mistakenly receive the compensation information of another person. It would be a disaster if it is not 100% perfect every time.

It is no small task and Embassy Digital provides us with “Peace of Mind”. They worked with us to develop digital workflows that maintain file integrity and a fulfillment process that guarantees each recipient receives the right materials.

Based on my experience with Embassy Digital, we continue to use them and would gladly recommend them to others.

"...Embassy Digital
provides us
'Peace of Mind'."
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