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Testimonial | Web Based Print Ordering

Embassy Digital provided us with a custom programmed web to print solution.

We have close to 300 dealers that require print related products on a regular basis. Prior to implementing an online solution everything was handled by phone and fax. It was a logistical nightmare that took a lot of staff time coordinating between the dealer and the printer.

With Embassy’s web to print solution we were able to have the dealer view, select, customize, proof and order printed materials online. There was no need for a staff member to administer their request. Once the request was placed by the dealer online it is automatically sent directly to Embassy Digital for printing and fulfillment.

The system works beautifully and the support from Embassy has been superb. The simple interface is easy to use and we were able to get all the dealers using it with very little training. The feedback from the field has been extremely positive and we keep adding new materials and functionality to the system.

I would highly recommend Embassy Digital. In a world where empty promises are made daily, especially with software related products, Embassy delivers on their promises. We looked at a lot of solutions and theirs was hands down the best.

"We looked
at a lot of solutions and theirs was
hands down
the best."

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